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Our Hands, Your Health: Spinal Adjustment After the Holiday Season

Spinal adjustment

After the holidays, hit the reset button with spinal adjustment

As 2018 approaches, many of us are distracted by the myriad engagements of a busy holiday schedule. As a consequence, many of our normal routines are chucked out the window. The health our spines can be easy to lose sight of amidst the holidays, as discussed in our previous blogs. Just as many people will carry hangovers into the first day of 2018, so will many of us carry back pain from one year into the next. Spinal adjustment offers us a chance to write a fresh script for our spines in 2018.

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This Holiday Season, Keep Pain Relief Natural

Holiday pain relief alameda

The holidays offer myriad ways to not focus on our health

Between christmas parties, family engagements, and shopping til you drop, it can be hard to keep your health in perspective. Many of us will reach the end of the holiday season at the end of our rope, both physically and mentally. Along the way, so many of us will make poor health decisions, foregoing what we know is right for what is simply easy.

Say you have chronic back pain which you manage through regular physical activity, stretching, and chiropractic. The holiday season can leave you too busy to get outside and run, too busy to stretch and certainly too busy to stop by the chiropractor for an adjustment. Instead, many of us will reach for the easy option: OTC painkillers which treat the symptoms but not the root cause of our pain.

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Keeping your Spine Happy this Holiday Season

Christmas chiropractor alameda

When it comes to holiday health objectives, focus on your spine

Spinal health is the gift that keeps on giving. Ask anyone with chronic back pain- if they could get back to a vantage point of having no pain, they would trade all the christmas gifts in the world for it. But Christmas offers a unique set of challenges to our spines: from increased food and alcohol intake, to decreased activity levels, it is not a time that is generally kind to the spine. 

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Preserving the Spinal Health of Young Athletes in Alameda

Spinal health young athletes alameda

Our spines were all young once upon a time...

When it comes to spinal health, our youth don't know how good they have it! Because the structures and muscles of our spines are naturally resilient at a young age, we rarely put thought into taking extra-special care of this pinnacle of health. One further advantage of being young is that you are more active across the board than all other age groups. In general, higher levels of activity bode well for the health of your spine. However, because young people are more active than other age demographics, they also face a unique set of risk factors for back pain. Back pain risk factors for young athletes include:

  • Too much physical activity 
  • Poor training techniques
  • Poor posture while performing physically demanding movements
  • Traumatic injuries 
  • Overuse injuries

And these risks increase depending on the sport you play; football and other high-impact sports contribute to horrific spinal injuries; gymnastics incorporates physically demanding disciplines which can affect the spine negatively.

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Remaining Active to Defeat Sarcopenia

sarcopenia chiropractic

Sarcopenia is age-related muscle loss

It is going to happen to all of us; at some point in our 30s we begin to slowly, but steadily lose muscle mass. As we approach seniority between the ages of 65-75, this muscle loss accelerates. Losing muscle mass is a leading contributor to frailty and loss of independence in old age. It makes us weaker and less able; it also increases our vulnerability to injury from even simple motions. From a chiropractor's perspective, sarcopenia is doubly alarming because of its effect on the spine. 

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