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Hip Mobilization with Movement Benefits Hip Osteoarthritis.

Mobilization with movement (MWM) is often used in the treatment of hip osteoarthritis. However, there are very few studies evaluating the effectiveness of such manual therapies in the treatment of this common hip condition. A new study involving forty elderly patients with hip osteoarthritis found that pain, hip range of motion, and physical performance all improved immediately after receiving MWM.
Manual Therapies, October 2015

What Is the Best Type of Exercise?

Any exercise you can do on a regular basis is the best kind of physical activity. Walking is considered one of the optimal choices because it's easy, safe, and inexpensive. It also doesn't require training or special equipment, except for a pair of good walking shoes. Brisk walking can burn as many calories as running and is less likely to cause injuries than running or jogging. Additionally, walking is an aerobic and weight-bearing exercise, so it is great for your heart and helps prevent the weakening of the bones known as osteoporosis.
American Academy of Family Physicians, December 2015

Manual Therapy Returns Pilot to Air.

Low back pain can be a significant safety risk for a pilot, as it can become a distraction during flight. In a recent case study, a pilot sought a non-pharmacological and noninvasive therapy option for his chronic low back pain. After just three sessions of manual treatment to address sacral, pelvic, and lumbar dysfunction, the pilot reported an 80%+ improvement in pain and was able to return to flight. The case reveals the benefits of manual therapy in the management of chronic back pain among aviators.

Military Medicine, October 2015

Eliminate These Bad Habits to Sleep Better!

Just a few bad habits can affect sleep quality. The National Sleep Foundation lists the following sleep-stealing practices you should avoid: consuming caffeine within six hours before bedtime; drinking alcohol or eating a large meal or snack before bed; insufficient exercise; having a TV or other technology in the bedroom; and sleeping late during weekends.

Improving Spinal Shape with Manipulation & Exercise.

Low back pain is a common complaint among golfers. In a recent study, professional golfers with a history of chronic low back pain received a one-month regimen of spinal manipulation and corrective core exercises to improve their spinal shape/curvature. After the four-week program concluded, the researchers observed a significant change in pelvic tilt among the participants, indicating the benefits of a combination of spinal manipulation and corrective core exercises in establishing correct spinal curvature.
Journal of Physical Therapy Science, September 2015