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Spinal Disorders are Fitness Disorders

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When back pain interferes with fitness

While your spinal joints might not be what they were when you were young, you don’t have to accept back pain as a foregone fitness conclusion. But the solution is certainly not to ignore it! Far too many people choose to just grin and bear workout-related back pain. From taking anti-inflammatories, to religiously using ice and heat, they will go to lengths to ease the pain, but never question the true source of their pain. Lack of alignment in the spine is a signal contributor to fitness-related back pain. The spinal and postural disorders which develop as a result of poor alignment can influence your workout by causing pain and altering the biomechanical way in which you exercise. 

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Become a Better Golfer with Chiropractic

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Chiropractic understands the unique biomechanical demands of golf

Many people write off the sport of golf as a fitness nonentity. In reality, it is a much more involved sport than it seems, as it provides a completely unique mix of movements that presents both benefits and challenges for your spine. From a physical perspective, golf is a sport of twists and turns, bends and bobs, all of which provide gentle conditioning for the moving parts of the body. Depending on the type of player you are, it is also a sport in which you carry a heavy bag on and off for long distances. It is no wonder there is a high incidence of back pain in the golf community- read on to find out about the challenges facing golfers and how we help at Bay Area Spine Care Office.

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Increasing Productivity the Natural Way

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What does “crunch time,” mean for your spine?

The first thing that goes out the window when we put our nose to the grindstone is awareness of our spinal health. Our posture goes to pieces; tension begins to accumulate in our muscles; in the end, all that matters is meeting the deadline. We may reach the deadline, but what did we sacrifice in the process? Walking away from work, reeling with muscle spasms and neck pain, we ask ourselves: is there a better way of going about this? The answer is yes, and it starts with the simple concept of comfort.

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Tight Hip Flexors Wreak Havoc with your Posture

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Sit-heavy lifestyles result in weak glutes and tight hip flexors

Among the myriad ill-effects of sitting too much, weak glutes and tight hip flexors are two linked factors that cause the problems you feel first. We often treat people whose spinal health is compromised at its very base; weak glutes and tight hip flexors harm spinal health in the following ways: 

  • Compromise spinal stability and contribute to pelvic misalignment 
  • Increase the pressure on the lower back by weakening the spine’s supportive network of muscles. 
  • Contributes to muscular imbalance which can pull the spine out of alignment
  • Make maintaining good posture difficult, if not impossible.

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The Many Problems Caused by Pinched Nerves

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The insidious nature of pinched nerves

Pinched nerve is a blanket term that refers to many types of radiculopathy, the scientific term for irritation or injury of a nerve that causes feelings of pain, numbness, tingling and weakness. Radiculopathy occurs near the root of the nerve, where it exits from the spinal cord. When muscles, bones, cartilage or tendons impinge upon the nerve, pain and dysfunction is a likely outcome. A further facet of radiculopathic pain is that it radiates; it can be felt in other parts of the body than its origin. 

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