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Golf Conditioning

golfBallAs an accomplished golfer and former assistant golf pro, Dr. Basco, DC understands the unique biomechanical demands of the golf swing on the body and provides individualized treatment to golfers seeking game improvement or experiencing golf-related pain.

Whether you are a weekend golfer or a serious tour player, chiropractic care provides significant benefits to your golf swing.  Consistent chiropractic care minimizes muscular effort, torque, and pressure on the discs recruited during your take away and follow through.  The result is not only a more rhythmic golf swing and an overall reduction in back injuries, but lowers your score as well!

For the golfer, the positive effects of chiropractic care are:

  •  Improve distance and accuracy
  •  Improve rhythm of the golf swing
  •  Improve flexibility of the muscles
  •  Increase range of motion
  •  Alleviate aches & pains that interfere with a powerful golf swing
  •  Remove misalignments along the spine that interfere with the body's natural ability to function properly.