Golf & Sports Injuries

Golf and Sports Injuries of all kinds will alter your lifestyle.

It takes a lifetime of care and consideration of your personal health to stay active. We would love to help you get back in the game the next time you get sidelined.


Golf, a popular sport, often leads to various sports injuries among players. These injuries, though common, can have significant repercussions on one's game and overall physical well-being.

Players who fail to warm up properly before hitting the course risk muscle strains and sprains. A brisk warm-up routine can help mitigate these issues.

Swinging a golf club puts immense stress on the lower back, making it susceptible to strains and herniated discs. Proper technique and core strength can prevent these problems.

Golfer's elbow, a painful condition, is often a result of repetitive swings. Regular rest and strengthening exercises can alleviate this issue.

Shoulder injuries are also prevalent in golfers, often caused by overuse and poor swing mechanics. Maintaining proper form and taking breaks can help prevent these injuries.

Golfers might also experience wrist injuries, such as tendinitis, from the impact of clubhead on the ball. Using wrist supports and correct grip techniques can reduce this risk.

Foot and ankle injuries can occur due to the uneven terrain of golf courses. Wearing appropriate footwear with ample support can lessen the likelihood of such injuries.

Lastly, golfers should be aware of the potential for sunburn, dehydration, and heat-related issues on the course. Staying hydrated and wearing sun protection are vital precautions.

In summary, while golf is a low-impact sport, the risk of sports injuries should not be underestimated. Players can minimize these risks by maintaining proper form, warming up adequately, and addressing any weaknesses through targeted exercises. This way, they can enjoy the game while safeguarding their physical well-being.