Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression with the DRX9000

Spinal decompression

Spinal decompression is pressure relief for your spine

Our spines are always under pressure- you simply can’t escape the downward force of gravity. But as we grow older, our spines become less resistant to the omnipresence of compression and we start to feel its effects more acutely- generalized back pain, sciatica, herniated discs and degnerative spinal conditions are all linked to the effects of spinal compression. One of the best responses we have for addressing spinal compression is providing your back with the opposite sensation: decompression. At Basco Chiropractic, we utilize the DRX9000 to provide effective, non-invasive relief of pressure to the anatomical structures of your spine.

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Knowledge is Spinal Health: Getting to Know the Spinal Motion Segment

spinal motion segment

Good spinal health begins with having all the facts in hand: have you heard of spinal motion segments?

Spinal motion segments have two main functions: facilitating movement of the upper body and stabilizing the spine in order to prevent injury from excessive movement. They consist of: 2 vertebrae, 2 facet joints, 1 intervertebral disc and a whole network of supportive soft tissue. The vertebrae, intervertebral disc and facet joints form the articular triad; these are the structures that allow for minute articulation between vertebrae and thus, when all the spinal motion segments are put together, for the overall articulation of the spine and upper body. 

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Is your Workplace Putting Your Spine at Risk?


Don’t let ergonomic injuries become your workplace reality

Bad ergonomics are a chiropractor’s worst nightmare. And unfortunately, they are for more common than good ergonomics in most workplace settings. The fact is, few employers care enough, or can invest enough, in the ergonomics of the office to truly benefit their employees. That means it is up to you, the worker, to take the onus upon yourself and ensure that your workplace is ergonomically supportive. There is a reason why back pain is the number one complaint that causes missed work in the blue-collar professions, and it’s because you are sitting for longer than you are designed too with poor ergonomics.

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Chiropractic’s Role in Preventive Medicine

Why is preventive medicine important?

Preventive medicine is the idea that we take measures to prevent disease and dysfunction rather than treating them reactively. Western medicine places a much larger premium on treating disease than it does on preventing disease, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. At Basco Chiropractic, we believe in living a healthier life in the here and now, and taking proactive steps to keep ourselves resilient against disease and dysfunction. 

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