Is your Workplace Putting Your Spine at Risk?

Don’t let ergonomic injuries become your workplace reality

Bad ergonomics are a chiropractor’s worst nightmare. And unfortunately, they are for more common than good ergonomics in most workplace settings. The fact is, few employers care enough, or can invest enough, in the ergonomics of the office to truly benefit their employees. That means it is up to you, the worker, to take the onus upon yourself and ensure that your workplace is ergonomically supportive. There is a reason why back pain is the number one complaint that causes missed work in the blue-collar professions, and it’s because you are sitting for longer than you are designed too with poor ergonomics.

Ergonomics integrates your work equipment with your posture.

Essentially, your work equipment- chair, computer, desk, should support you and make it easier to maintain good posture. Sitting is already loading the lumbar intervertebral discs with up to three times as much pressure as standing; if you are sitting in a chair-and-desk scenario that causes you to lean forward, you are adding even more pressure. At Basco Chiropractic, we want to work with you to create easy ergonomic solutions that won’t cost you an arm and a leg in the here and now, while saving you thousands of dollars in back-pain related medical bills in the future. 

The first step is learning good posture

Sit up straight, move your butt to the back of your chair, suck your belly button inward and upward and roll your shoulders back and down. That is the position that puts the least amount of pressure on your spine while you sit, but it’s not easy to maintain unless you have the correct muscles developed to keep you upright! Even then, you need to be proactive about moving throughout the work day to prevent your spine from suffering the effects of stagnation. However, awareness is step one! Give our office a call to schedule an appointment and let’s work together to create a work place that supports good postural health. 

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