The Connection Between Spinal Adjustment and Weight Loss

Weight loss alameda

Chiropractic contributes to weight management

A healthy weight is the worst-kept secret for maintaining a healthy spine. Every additional pound over your target weight increases the burden on your spine, causing muscle strain, subluxation and a whole host of other problems. Therefore, people looking to prevent or manage back pain should make maintaining their target weight a top health priority. And chiropractic can help in this respect; this is not a direct cause and effect and a chiropractic adjustment should never be claimed to directly cause weight loss. But it can contribute to a set of conditions within your body that make losing weight and keeping weight off easier. Read on to find out how.

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Starting the New Year With Fewer Headaches

Headaches Alameda

Tension and migraine headaches benefit from chiropractic care

If you suffer from chronically recurring headaches, you likely have two priorities once the pain sets in: 

  1. To reduce the frequency and severity of the headache in the present
  2. To reduce the chance of the headaches recurring in the future

This means that you are in the business of treatment and prevention that we practice at Bay Area Spine Care Office. While it may be unrealistic to expect to banish headaches forever, you can reasonably expect to reduce the toll they take on your life. We can go about this together by identifying your particular triggers and setting store by natural, preventative techniques. One of the problems with the western approach to medicine is that it often treats symptoms rather than causes. With headaches this is explicitly clear: our standard narrative is to take an aspirin to take the edge off the pain. And while this is good in the short term, we need to go deeper to reduce the grip of headaches on our lives as a whole. 

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Improving Wellness Despite Chronic Pain

Chiropractor alameda

Maintaining your wellness despite chronic pain

A Google search for, “chronic pain,” returns hundreds of thousands of results. Clicking through the first few pages takes you along the whole spectrum of the 21st century’s greatest (and worst) tool: from reputable sources to shady corners of the web, it can be hard to find a semblance of agreement about chronic pain, let alone an understanding. When you redefine your parameters and ask, “What is chronic pain,” you have gotten to the root of the problem. Chronic pain, whether you take it as an abstract idea or a distinct syndrome, is little understood at this point on the time continuum of western medicine. 

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Our Hands, Your Health: Spinal Adjustment After the Holiday Season

Spinal adjustment

After the holidays, hit the reset button with spinal adjustment

As 2018 approaches, many of us are distracted by the myriad engagements of a busy holiday schedule. As a consequence, many of our normal routines are chucked out the window. The health our spines can be easy to lose sight of amidst the holidays, as discussed in our previous blogs. Just as many people will carry hangovers into the first day of 2018, so will many of us carry back pain from one year into the next. Spinal adjustment offers us a chance to write a fresh script for our spines in 2018.

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This Holiday Season, Keep Pain Relief Natural

Holiday pain relief alameda

The holidays offer myriad ways to not focus on our health

Between christmas parties, family engagements, and shopping til you drop, it can be hard to keep your health in perspective. Many of us will reach the end of the holiday season at the end of our rope, both physically and mentally. Along the way, so many of us will make poor health decisions, foregoing what we know is right for what is simply easy.

Say you have chronic back pain which you manage through regular physical activity, stretching, and chiropractic. The holiday season can leave you too busy to get outside and run, too busy to stretch and certainly too busy to stop by the chiropractor for an adjustment. Instead, many of us will reach for the easy option: OTC painkillers which treat the symptoms but not the root cause of our pain.

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Keeping your Spine Happy this Holiday Season

Christmas chiropractor alameda

When it comes to holiday health objectives, focus on your spine

Spinal health is the gift that keeps on giving. Ask anyone with chronic back pain- if they could get back to a vantage point of having no pain, they would trade all the christmas gifts in the world for it. But Christmas offers a unique set of challenges to our spines: from increased food and alcohol intake, to decreased activity levels, it is not a time that is generally kind to the spine. 

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