Turn Up the Comfort During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy chiropractic alameda

A successful pregnancy is one that puts the comfort of the mother first

That’s because the more comfortable the mother, the greater her uterine function, and the more space there is for healthy development of the child. In this sense, we have to redefine our parameters of comfort and change the troped conversation that has prospective mothers worrying about the back pain, headaches and nausea that are deemed an integral part of pregnancy. Chiropractic is helping to flip the script when it comes to pregnancy by prioritizing the comfort and wellbeing of mother and child. Numerous studies have pointed to the following benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy:

  • Maintains spinal alignment and balances an unstable pelvis
  • Mitigates nerve interference and allows for optimal uterine function
  • Controls symptoms of nausea
  • Relieves joint pain throughout the body, especially in the lower back where tenderness tends to accumulate
  • Allows for sufficient space for the baby to develop

The end result is a pregnancy that accounts for the mother’s changing body, helping her to feel less discomfort and allowing for healthy in-utero development of the baby. 

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A Nightly Action Plan for Sore, Stiff Necks

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Nothing is worse than leaving work with a stiff, sore neck

It is rubbing salt in the wound of a hard day‘s work. That hard day’s work is so conducive to neck pain: whether you sit for a living or have a more labor intensive job, the neck still has to support the weight of your head. The average adults head weighs 10-13 pounds, and this weight is increased exponentially with poor posture. Unless we are proactive about caring for our necks, the actions we pursue after work are likely going to reinforce the stiffness. 

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Where Did My Posture Go? And How to Find it Again

Posture chiropractic alameda

90% of posture is awareness

Look at it this way: we all know to sit up straight, to avoid slouching and slumping, to keep our shoulders back and our heads up. But our bodies are fickle creatures and, from a young age, posture becomes a subconscious struggle. When we are young, our spines are more resilient and we are generally more active. The real problems begin when we get that first office job and are faced with hours per day in front of a computer screen. Our bodies mold to our jobs, and our lifestyles, and unless we take good care to be proactive about posture, it will get the best of us. 

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Sports Injuries are Surprisingly Preventable

Sports chiropractor alameda

It’s been said that every setback leaves behind a path to make your comeback

But what if we could avoid that setback in the first place? As athletes push their bodies to new extremes, they leave themselves vulnerable to a host of injuries which threaten to derail their momentum. Our job as an office of chiropractic is to keep the chance of such an injury as low as possible. At our office in Alameda, we have helped hundreds of athletes from the whole spectrum of sports to specialize and strengthen their bodies against the risk factors of their chosen sport. We do this by identifying and correcting the underlying causes of injury which lurk in all of our bodies. 

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Chiropractic Starts Your Child’s Spinal Health on the Right Path

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Back into the womb: spinal development reimagined

Unwind all the layers of pain and stiffness that have accumulated through the years and imagine a time when you were free to run unencumbered by the burdens of back pain. As a child, you can perform a seemingly unlimited range of motions with little potential for pain; naturally, the majority of us take such a blessing for granted. Without the guidance and discipline of our parents to keep us proactive about our spinal health, we reach adulthood without the awareness we need to take care of our spines. Our spines begin to degenerate, however slowly, and we are ill-equipped to deal with the pain and dysfunction that sets in. So let’s imagine this system differently: through the eyes of your child. 

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