M.J. Serafim Fennick

Testimonial of M.J. Fennick

Dr. Basco has a very good manner.  I returned  to him after a long time with no chiropractic, with a bad problem. Scoliosis apparently caused sciatica.  I can give 5 stars when I clearly notice progress- he said it may take some months to clear up, possibly……….

the above is from about a year ago…

May 21,2024

Now I am following up with  a rating of at least 5 stars!  As anticipated above, it took some months.  In the Summer I obtained scoliosis X-rays. Dr. Basco took a good look and noted much more than the radiologist had logged.  It was determined that there was degeneration sufficient for use of the DRX9000.  So we added that to our weekly sessions.  The sessions are unusual: often very peaceful and bringing forth various sensations.  Some of these were intense but never intolerable.  Afterward, after adjustments, there was sometimes more mobility for a while. but on the whole mobility was being curtailed until the middle of winter, which corresponded also to a special prayer event,(but that could be the subject of a different testimonial). Mobility gradually began to increase, and the sciatic sensations gradually subsided- they had been almost constant.  They were not intense. I  classified them with a nurse practitioner as a number five on a scale of 10.  Additionally, I believe that embracing a lower carbohydrate anti-inflammatory diet had something to do with the lack  of intensity of the sensations. Whereas many people that I encounter speak of these sensations as being, quite uncomfortable.

So, the upshot at this point is that considerable progress has been made. And I continue to have the weekly sessions. Who knows,  maybe my scoliosis will undergo considerable change. In all probability it has straightened out enough for there not to be the pinching of the nerve. But I’m not running to get another X-ray to verify that at this time . Thank you Dr. Basco, good friend. And thank God, friend of all!

Jenna P.

Testimonial of M.J. Fennick

My chiropractor recommended Dr. Basco’s spinal decompression machine to treat my bulging disc. For sure his 20 treatment plan was the key to my recovery. Beforehand I had disabling sciatica and 24 hour pain, could not walk a block or stand for more than a few minutes. I had had an epidural already but that only relieved my symptoms about 25%. The very first decompression treatment I had gave me as much relief as the epidural. By treatment 13 the sciatic pain was gone, and after the last few treatments I could walk and stand normally. Now I go in for monthly touch ups which feel great (for me the treatments while my condition was still acute were uncomfortable, but absolutely worth it). Even though I paid cash for the treatments I found them very affordable and worth every dollar. Do not even consider surgery before you try this first!

Edgar L.

Testimonial of M.J. Fennick

Relief! After a week not having treatment, today’s adjustment is what I needed for my low back stiffness and pain. Chiropractor adjustment hit the spot!

Justin M.

Testimonial of M.J. Fennick

Comment: Dr. Basco returned my call immediately and scheduled me for my appt that same day. He offers spinal decompression and takes multiple insurance plans. I feel very fortunate that he is in Alameda!

Sherry S.

Testimonial of M.J. Fennick

Lower back pain which radiated down my leg….I went to my acupunturist last week, and had some relief for a short time. Saw Dr. Basco’s advertisement on Groupon, called him and went right in yesterday afternoon. Loved the spinal decompression equipment, and then had an adjustment. He is such a lovely gentle man, and very talented and good. Would highly recommend him for any back pain..

Kelly S.

Testimonial of M.J. Fennick

Dr. Basco has been my chiropractor for the past 5 years.  He has brought me much relief for my lower back pain.  Without him, I never would have been able to run a marathon and several half-marathons, or continue to tap dance!  I highly recommend him.  A great chiropractor and a really nice man!


Testimonial of M.J. Fennick

I felt really comfortable and my vibe was fabulous at my doctors first visit. I really love my doctor he was gentle with me and understanding. He was interested in my health which I truly love.I’m looking forward seeing him again on my next visit.