Preserving the Spinal Health of Young Athletes in Alameda

Spinal health young athletes alameda

Our spines were all young once upon a time…

When it comes to spinal health, our youth don’t know how good they have it! Because the structures and muscles of our spines are naturally resilient at a young age, we rarely put thought into taking extra-special care of this pinnacle of health. One further advantage of being young is that you are more active across the board than all other age groups. In general, higher levels of activity bode well for the health of your spine. However, because young people are more active than other age demographics, they also face a unique set of risk factors for back pain. Back pain risk factors for young athletes include:

  • Too much physical activity 
  • Poor training techniques
  • Poor posture while performing physically demanding movements
  • Traumatic injuries 
  • Overuse injuries

And these risks increase depending on the sport you play; football and other high-impact sports contribute to horrific spinal injuries; gymnastics incorporates physically demanding disciplines which can affect the spine negatively.

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Remaining Active to Defeat Sarcopenia

sarcopenia chiropractic

Sarcopenia is age-related muscle loss

It is going to happen to all of us; at some point in our 30s we begin to slowly, but steadily lose muscle mass. As we approach seniority between the ages of 65-75, this muscle loss accelerates. Losing muscle mass is a leading contributor to frailty and loss of independence in old age. It makes us weaker and less able; it also increases our vulnerability to injury from even simple motions. From a chiropractor’s perspective, sarcopenia is doubly alarming because of its effect on the spine. 

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Sciatic Nerve Pain in Alameda

Sciatic nerve pain alameda

Sciatica in the Bay Area

Sciatica is a commonly-experienced condition that affects people in a variety ways. The pain can be mild to severe and frequency ranges from intermittent to chronic and constant. But there are several hallmarks of sciatica that leave a mark on your quality of life, including:

  • Feelings of burning, tingling numbness
  • Radiating pain into the extremities
  • Limited range of motion

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Your Back Pain Treatment Should Be as Unique as Your Spine

Back pain

Your spine is completely unique- every motion and action in your life has made it that way

But many of our most common motions and actions lead our spines down the road toward nonspecific back pain. It is part of the reality of growing old- our bodies become less maleable and more stiff; our muscle mass begins to wither away and spinal instability sets in; posture becomes more difficult to maintain and the problems compound upon themselves. Back pain is one of the leading detriments to well-being; it simply makes life harder. At your Bay Area Spine Care Office, we are dedicated to providing people with the latest, multi-disciplinary approaches to treating back pain with the objectives of:

  • Helping you live better in the here and now
  • Protecting the longevity of your spine to make old age easier 
  • Preventing back pain through proactive measures
  • Rehabilitating acute injuries and easing the pain of chronic injuries

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