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A Case of the Mondays Solved by Massage

Massage is powerful

Massage, and more specifically massage therapy, is a very broad term that refers to myriad methods which aim to provide the same end benefit: mental and physical relaxation. The art, and science, of massage involves manipulating soft tissues and muscles with various motions and varying pressure, in order to:

  • Release tension from the muscles
  • Improve circulation to reduce muscular pain
  • Boost immunity to fight off illness and injury

But there is also a mental health benefit; a professional and experienced set of hands in a peaceful setting can do wonders in terms of soothing away anxiety. Many of our patients report a calming effect that lasts for days after the massage, helping them sleep better and recoup more natural energy. 

How can massage actually improve health and wellness

Stress causes pain because a natural response to stress is tightening of the muscles. This elevated state of tension causes muscular imbalance that often results in pain. By the same token, pain causes stress; acute injury and chronic pain both have the potential to cause a lot of mental anguish. Massage is a front-line treatment for both of these conditions. It increase circulation, improves range of motion and boosts immunity, all of which help you mitigate illness and injury. 

Massage is preventive medicine

Massage embodies our health philosophy at Bay Area Spine Care Office. Massage, along with chiropractic modalities, forms part of a complementary healthcare lifestyle that easily integrates with, and augments, your primary healthcare methods. There is a large connection between stress and pain, and massage is an excellent tool for alleviating both! If you are suffering from a case of the mondays, a massage can help shake you out of your malaise and realize the power of relaxation and hands-on healing. Give our office in Alameda a call to schedule an appointment today. 



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