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Avoiding the Muscle Fatigue of Standing All Day

Standing = muscle fatigue

It’s undeniable. Anyone who has had to stand, maintaining more or less the same position, for hours on end can attest to it: standing simply hurts. The human body detests static posture- even if you were able to maintain “perfect,” neutral posture while you stood, your spine would still suffer from lack of circulation and compression, while your muscles would weaken and give in to fatigue. This potent combination then diminishes your body’s capacity to maintain good posture in the first place, which is why many of us give in to leaning, stretching, sitting or just about any other position to find relief for those muscles. So what if you do have to stand all day, for a living say? Make sure you take steps to look out for your spine:


Standing all day: how to avoid excessive muscle fatigue 

  • Change your position as much as possible: even slight changes count! 
  • Alternate between leaning and standing if possible: anything you can do to prevent your circulation from stagnating and fatigue from setting in. 
  • Choose supportive footwear: this one cannot be overstated- your shoes make a big difference when you stand for a living! Make sure you get a custom fit shoe, or insoles to support your frame. 
  • Stretch regularly: to restore circulation and reduce discomfort.

If you must stand all day, your spine is up against a tall task

You (and your spine) need all the support you can get. At Bay Area Spine Care Office, we are Alameda’s go-to resource for spinal health both on and off the job. If you find that your standing-only job is taking a toll on your spine, be sure to give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. We can work with you to create a plan that will incorporate chiropractic’s natural healing modalities with strengthening and stretching routines that will make your back and its support network more resilient to the risk factors inherent in your job. 

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