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Become a Better Tennis Player with Chiropractic

Tennis is one of the best sports for improving physical fitness with a low risk for injury

That being said, some studies estimate that up to 65% of players will still suffer some form of injury in a given year. These injuries are primarily due to repetitive trauma: because you perform the same motions over and over, certain parts of your body receive more stress than others. And while local injuries are bound to occur, this repetitive trauma can also have systemic repercussions; the repetitive movements involved in tennis can cause muscular imbalances and misalignment in the spine. At Bay Area Spine Care Office, we focus on repetitive injury prevention and body balance to help tennis players feel their best on the court. 


Tennis injury prevention in Alameda

The parts of the body most affected by tennis movements are: 

  • Shoulders and upper extremities, which suffer from the ballistic movements involved in serves and swings.
  • Spinal joints, which suffer from excessive twisting and shock from the feet striking hard surfaces.
  • Ankle joints and lower extremities, which suffer from plant-and-pivot maneuvers, as well as start-and-stop motions.

Highlighting these regions serves as a roadmap for injury prevention. At our office in Alameda, we help people stay ahead of tennis-related injuries by providing adjustments to joints throughout the body to restore alignment, full range of motion and proper function. We then focus on lengthening muscles that are heavily activated during tennis, and improving core stability to increase your biomechanical advantage while reducing the risk for injury.

Chiropractic for tennis players in Alameda

If you want to stay ahead of injury on the court, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. We are standing by to provide your body with the treatment it needs to keep repetitive injuries at bay, while enhancing your capabilities on the court. 

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