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Increasing Productivity the Natural Way

What does “crunch time,” mean for your spine?

The first thing that goes out the window when we put our nose to the grindstone is awareness of our spinal health. Our posture goes to pieces; tension begins to accumulate in our muscles; in the end, all that matters is meeting the deadline. We may reach the deadline, but what did we sacrifice in the process? Walking away from work, reeling with muscle spasms and neck pain, we ask ourselves: is there a better way of going about this? The answer is yes, and it starts with the simple concept of comfort.


Natural methods for increasing productivity without sacrificing spinal health

The first step is to be comfortable: studies consistently show that the less comfortable we are, the less productive we will be. A cold, dimly lit office is linked to more mistakes, more distraction and lower productivity than a naturally well-lit, warm work space. Likewise, a well-aligned spine, with less nerve interference, allows us to feel more comfortable and work more productively. Here are other ways to naturally boost productivity:

  • Deep breathing: diaphragmatic breaths help increase oxygen flow to all the cells in your brain and body. 
  • Adjust your posture: simply resetting and sitting up straight helps remove tension and get your circulation flowing. 
  • Get up and go for a walk: working for hours on end demands a break, even when you have a deadline. Even 5 minutes of brisk walking can stimulate circulation. 
  • Hydrate: chances are you need more water than you are giving yourself. 

With the proper inputs, and the proper spinal support from your chiropractor, you can face crunch time without sacrificing your spinal health in the process. 

Productivity the natural way with your Bay Area Spine Care Office

At our office in Alameda, we are dedicated to helping people increase productivity without harming their bodies in the process. If you are living in a cycle where you ignore pain, and use caffeine as your primary source of energy, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. We can help remove you from this cycle by treating your spine with gentle, natural modalities that help you sleep, feel and function better. The end result is more natural energy and that elusive quality of productivity. 

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