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Chiropractic Starts Your Child’s Spinal Health on the Right Path

Back into the womb: spinal development reimagined

Unwind all the layers of pain and stiffness that have accumulated through the years and imagine a time when you were free to run unencumbered by the burdens of back pain. As a child, you can perform a seemingly unlimited range of motions with little potential for pain; naturally, the majority of us take such a blessing for granted. Without the guidance and discipline of our parents to keep us proactive about our spinal health, we reach adulthood without the awareness we need to take care of our spines. Our spines begin to degenerate, however slowly, and we are ill-equipped to deal with the pain and dysfunction that sets in. So let’s imagine this system differently: through the eyes of your child. 

Chiropractic’s role in a child’s spinal development

Kids are not going to gain awareness of their spinal health on their own- that is down to us as parents. We need to teach them to prioritize their spine‘s wellbeing rather than taking it for granted. One of the best ways we can do this is by teaching our children healthy habits including nutrition, sleep, exercise and posture! But another healthy habit that will benefit them exponentially is regular chiropractic adjustment. Starting from infancy, the forces that seek to undo spinal alignment and cause nervous system dysfunction are at work. With regular chiropractic care on their side, your child is able to navigate through these external forces and maintain spinal alignment that allows them to grow optimally and avoid many childhood injuries and illnesses. This effect is then amplified down the years.

Preventive is the right way to go about healthcare.

It allows us to maintain the natural advantage of good spinal health we are given at birth for the longest possible time. Studies show that children receiving regular spinal adjustments have better immune function and sleep better. Chiropractic is seen as a viable and natural alternative to traditional medical treatments for early life conditions. If you are interested in finding out more about the role that chiropractic can play in your child’s development, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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