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A Nightly Action Plan for Sore, Stiff Necks

Nothing is worse than leaving work with a stiff, sore neck

It is rubbing salt in the wound of a hard day‘s work. That hard day’s work is so conducive to neck pain: whether you sit for a living or have a more labor intensive job, the neck still has to support the weight of your head. The average adults head weighs 10-13 pounds, and this weight is increased exponentially with poor posture. Unless we are proactive about caring for our necks, the actions we pursue after work are likely going to reinforce the stiffness. 

Releasing a stiff neck: quick stretches that can be done from anywhere

If you consistently suffer from and complain about a stiff neck, try out these stretches first thing when you get home: 

  • The neck release: sit cross-legged or in a chair with your back straight and your head balanced atop your spine. Extend your right arm down to your side, even with your hip. Reach over your head with your left hand and gently tilt your head to the left, stopping when you feel a good stretch. Hold for 5-10 seconds, then repeat on the other side.
  • Clasping neck stretch: starting from the same position, clasp both your hands behind your head and gently tilt your head forward, tucking your chin in toward your chest. Stop when you feel a good stretch and hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times. 

These two simple stretches release hours of tension from the tissues in your neck and help you to relax. It opens up the neck muscles to healing circulation which help your cells repair after a hard day’s work. 

Protecting your neck with the help of chiropractic 

We help workers from all walks of life relieve the burden of a sore, stiff neck from their daily lives. Using chiropractic modalities, stretching and exercise, we seek to stop stiffness and soreness from being the norm. If you are interested in finding out more about our holistic healthcare methods, give our office in Alameda a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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