How it Works


The DRX9000™ non-surgical spinal decompression system reproduces a micro-gravity state during therapy that ultimately restore nutrients and blood flow to troubled discs along the spine.

The DRX9000™ system is designed to reproduce how the human spine responds to micro-gravity. The system targets specific lumbar segments (the site and source of your pain) and gradually unloads pressure on the spinal nerves that cause low back pain often produced by:

disc herniations

degenerative disease


posterior facet syndrome—

even failed back surgery cases

Unlike traction, which pulls both muscle and spine, the DRX9000™ applies forces to increase intra-discal pressure and enhance fluid diffusion to the discs. This non-surgical decompression therapy expands the space between the bones. Expanding the space between the vertebrae restores nutrients and blood flow to the disc which encourages healing— without surgery. Non-surgical decompression allows a damaged disc restore to a healthier state from the inside out.

The DRX9000™ system has been proven to relieve pain by:

Enlarging disc space

Reducing herniations

Strengthening outer ligaments to help move herniated areas back into place

Reversing high intra-disc pressures through application of negative pressure

Each session is so relaxing, some patients report actually falling asleep during their treatment!

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