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Our Hands, Your Health: Spinal Adjustment After the Holiday Season

After the holidays, hit the reset button with spinal adjustment

As 2018 approaches, many of us are distracted by the myriad engagements of a busy holiday schedule. As a consequence, many of our normal routines are chucked out the window. The health our spines can be easy to lose sight of amidst the holidays, as discussed in our previous blogs. Just as many people will carry hangovers into the first day of 2018, so will many of us carry back pain from one year into the next. Spinal adjustment offers us a chance to write a fresh script for our spines in 2018.


Holiday magic: the spinal adjustment

A common result of holiday upheaval is our spines falling out of alignment; when this happens, pain and dysfunction ensues. Spinal adjustment is the core of chiropractic medicine. At our office in Alameda, we begin with a full physical examination that detects where in your spine vertebral bodies have moved out of place. Using gentle, high-velocity thrusts, we move these vertebral bodies back into alignment with the goal of:

  1. Improving range of motion in the spinal joints
  2. Alleviating nerve impingement
  3. Balancing the musculature supporting the spine
  4. Reduce inflammation within the joint
  5. Reduce pain

After the holiday season, check in at your Alameda chiroprator

We see 2018 as the year of spinal health for you and your family! Once things settle back into a more normal routine, give our office a call to schedule an appointment. We will help you restore spinal alignment and achieve body balance so that you can tackle any health objectives you have set for yourself with your new year’s resolutions. 



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