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Peak Balance: Chiropractic for Athletic Success

Chiropractic focuses on maximizing your biomechanical ability in the context of your sport

Whether you are a dedicated gym rat, a hardcore runner, or someone who barely has time to stretch, chiropractic can help improve the way your body responds to the physical stresses you choose and how you feel afterwards. At Bay Area Spine Care Office, we focus on helping athletes in the following areas:

  • Improving joint mobility to protect and promote pain-free movement
  • Preventing injury by balancing your body


Today, we are going to focus on balance: your innate ability to control equilibrium and stability. It incorporates musculoskeletal stability as well as the proprioreceptive system, which allows your muscles to communicate with the nervous system, helping to define exactly where you are within space. Both internal and external balance are key factors in any athlete’s pursuit of perfection. 


A keener sense of balance 

When it comes to athletic performance, we focus on two types of balance:

  • Static: stationary balance, maintaining your body in a healthy, fixed posture, positioned over your center of gravity. This is a stable stationary position that maintains support for the spine. 
  • Dynamic: balance in motion. Dynamic balance refers to your ability to transfer forces effectively without causing injury, while also remaining in a healthy, moving posture based around your center of gravity as you move.

Dynamic balance is more difficult to define and harder to control for, but what is clear is that the better balance you have, the more effective you can be on the playing field, while also controlling for, and preventing, injuries. So how do we increase your body’s ability to balance?

Chiropractic helps restore and maintain a high level of balance in athletes 

Chiropractic seeks to establish balance by restoring alignment to the spine, regulating the function of the nervous system, and increasing mobility of the spinal joints. This all results in enhanced balance and coordination. If you are interested in adding more balance into your life, give our office in Alameda a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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