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The Many Problems Caused by Pinched Nerves

The insidious nature of pinched nerves

Pinched nerve is a blanket term that refers to many types of radiculopathy, the scientific term for irritation or injury of a nerve that causes feelings of pain, numbness, tingling and weakness. Radiculopathy occurs near the root of the nerve, where it exits from the spinal cord. When muscles, bones, cartilage or tendons impinge upon the nerve, pain and dysfunction is a likely outcome. A further facet of radiculopathic pain is that it radiates; it can be felt in other parts of the body than its origin. 

 Radicular pain and its effect on your life 

Radicular pain is different from referred pain, in which pain is perceived in a location other than its origin. Radicular pain emanates from a particular nerve interference, and radiates out to other parts of the body that are supplied by that nerve. Examples include: 

  • Cervical: a pinched nerve in the neck can radiate all throughout the upper body, including into the upper extremities  
  • Thoracic: though less common, nerve compression in the thoracic region is problematic because it tends to restrict spinal mobility and range of motion in the upper body. 
  • Lumbar: the most common type of radiculopathy, spinal motion segments bear the hefty burden of your upper body weight. The most common type of lumbar radiculopathy is herniated disc, which can cause debilitating local pain and radiate down into the legs. 
  • Sciatica: refers to compression of the sciatic nerve, the longest in the body. Compression of this nerve, caused by a number of factors, causes pain, numbness and tingling sensations in the buttocks and lower extremiteis 

Treating radiculopathy in Alameda

The best way to treat pinched nerves is to prevent them! A holistic lifestyle that includes attention to weight, diet and sleep helps set the stage for spinal health. Chiropractic modalities add another layer of defense by providing gentle adjustments that maintain spinal alignment, alleviate nerve interference and improve range of motion. However, if you are suffering in the clutches of pinched nerve pain, we utilize spinal decompression to reverse intradiscal pressure and increase local circulation that fuels the healing process. If you are interested in our natural modalities for treating pinched nerves, give our office in Alameda a call to schedule an appointment today. 


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