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Preserving the Spinal Health of Young Athletes in Alameda

Our spines were all young once upon a time…

When it comes to spinal health, our youth don’t know how good they have it! Because the structures and muscles of our spines are naturally resilient at a young age, we rarely put thought into taking extra-special care of this pinnacle of health. One further advantage of being young is that you are more active across the board than all other age groups. In general, higher levels of activity bode well for the health of your spine. However, because young people are more active than other age demographics, they also face a unique set of risk factors for back pain. Back pain risk factors for young athletes include:

  • Too much physical activity 
  • Poor training techniques
  • Poor posture while performing physically demanding movements
  • Traumatic injuries 
  • Overuse injuries

And these risks increase depending on the sport you play; football and other high-impact sports contribute to horrific spinal injuries; gymnastics incorporates physically demanding disciplines which can affect the spine negatively.


Starting young: a life full of spinal health begins as soon as you choose

At Bay Area Spine Care Office, we want to make spinal health a priority for every person we treat. The most common injuries we treat in youth athletes include:

  • Strains and sprains that result naturally from all physical activity.
  • Muscle imbalance and lost range of motion due to growth spurts
  • Spinal compression and nerve impingement, often resulting from traumatic injuries sustained in high-impact sports.
  • Torsion injuries, often sustainded in gymnastics and tennis. 

Whether you are a young athlete or an enthusiastic parent, it just makes sense to take action to prevent these injuries from occuring. Chiropractic is a conservative care treatment that combines all-natural modalities to keep spines in a state of balance and helps young athletes avoid these common injuries. 

Helping young athletes keep back pain out of their lives, now and in the future.

Through proactive management of a child’s spinal health, they can thrive in their sport today and set up their body for success in the future. We help young athletes achieve this dual feat with a dynamic approach to spinal health:

  • Spinal adjustment to correct misalignment, restore range of motion and improve circulation
  • Deep tissue therapy to facilitate healing
  • Trigger point therapy to release tight muscles
  • Corrective exercise and stretching to ensure your back is strong and stable

If you are a parent interested in helping your child gain upper hand in your sport while simultaneously maintaining the health of their back, give our office in Alameda call to schedule an appointment today. 

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