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Stretching Before Bed Helps you Fall Asleep

What is stopping you from sleeping?

Your bed is beckoning but once you are safely under the covers you find it hard to switch off and fall asleep? Join the ranks of Americans who find that their non-stop lifestyle leaves them spun out at the end of the day, tossing and turning with anxiety rather than sleeping and replenishing their energy stores. The simple truth is that your choices leading up to bedtime make or break your ability to fall and stay asleep. It is becoming more normal for people to wind down with a television series than a book these days, an activity that keeps your brain stimulated and prevents it from seeking rest. At Basco Chiropractic, we propose another method for getting ready to rest: stretching. 

Wind down your day with an easy stretching routine

Rather than scrolling through news feeds or spending 10 minutes deliberating over which TV show you want to watch, try some simple stretches which can even be done from the very bed you are sitting in:

  • The Happy Baby
  • Child’s pose
  • Figure four: 

These stretches relax the muscles of the lower back, relieving physical tension that contributes to mental anxiety and prevents you from sleeping. With a more comfortable body, rest is easier to come by. 

How we help you find restful sleep at Basco Chiropractic

At our office in Alameda, we believe that sleep is a cornerstone of wellness. We use a full range of chiropractic modalities including chiropractic adjustment, decompression therapy and massage to help relieve tension, mitigate pain and help your body find the balance it needs to sleep well every night. If you are interested in using our stretches to sleep better, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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