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The Importance of Lengthening Your Spine

A road map of spinal compression

It happens like this: when we were born, the downward force of gravity began working on our spines; as we grew older, our spines naturally became less resilient; we became less active and started working more and the strength, stability and support for our spines became less; we began to sit more and never gave posture a passing thought. One day, we wake up and realize that our back has been aching since, “I don‘t know when.” This is the typical story for many a person who suffers from chronic back pain- the forces of compression are winning out against your poor, weak intervertebral discs. So what can we do to start fighting back? Focus on spinal decompression. 

 How to decompress (your spine) daily

If you are familiar with our office, you know that we place a lot of store by instrument-assisted decompression, of the kind we offer with our DRX9000 traction table. This table places you in a harness and then uses computer control to gently elongate the spine, creating a negative-pressure vaccuum within the disc- the result is the slow retraction of bulging disc material, a rehydration of the disc and an influx of healing nutrients. And while our traction table has helped many members of our community find reprieve from chronic back pain, equally important is providing your spine with decompression on a daily basis. One of the best ways to do this is through yoga and pilates. Guidelines for using yoga/pilates for decompression:

  • Always be gentle and purposeful in your movements
  • Focus on a stable transfer of forces across the body during exercise
  • Focus on spinal elongation poses, flows and routines- some can be done in as few as four minutes.
  • Use an assistant- a tennis ball placed under the small of your back can boost the decompressive effect.

These exercise provide your spine with a similar effect to our traction table. By providing your spine with daily decompression, you are being proactive about fighting the risk factors inherent in our adult lifestyles. 

A road map to better spinal health…

…starts with making an appointment at your Alameda chiropractor. We are specialists in designing individual solutions that address the risk factors in your life to help you manage your spinal health more effectively. Daily decompression is just one of the ways you can get started- call us to find out more. 

























































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