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This Holiday Season, Keep Pain Relief Natural

The holidays offer myriad ways to not focus on our health

Between christmas parties, family engagements, and shopping til you drop, it can be hard to keep your health in perspective. Many of us will reach the end of the holiday season at the end of our rope, both physically and mentally. Along the way, so many of us will make poor health decisions, foregoing what we know is right for what is simply easy.

Say you have chronic back pain which you manage through regular physical activity, stretching, and chiropractic. The holiday season can leave you too busy to get outside and run, too busy to stretch and certainly too busy to stop by the chiropractor for an adjustment. Instead, many of us will reach for the easy option: OTC painkillers which treat the symptoms but not the root cause of our pain.


Keeping pain relief natural throughout the holidays

Choose to believe that there is plenty of time to take care of your spine. If you are feeling tight, take a brisk walk around the block to stimulate circulation and improve range of motion. Use trigger point therapy or a helping hand to provide a massage that will release endorphins and facilitate healing. If you are sitting around for hours at the dinner table or on the couch, use a heat pack to encourage nutrient and oxygen flow to the painful region. Chances are you know what works best for keeping pain down- don’t abandon those methods just because of a busy holiday schedule. 

Chiropractic makes for a happy holidays

And if you don’t know what works for you, schedule an appointment at your Alameda chiropractor. We are the Bay Area’s experts in natural pain relief. We help undo the damage that a hectic holiday schedule can do to your back using natural modalities including chiropractic adjustment, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage. If you are interested in maintaining your health throughout the holiday season, give our office in Alameda a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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