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Turn Up the Comfort During Your Pregnancy

A successful pregnancy is one that puts the comfort of the mother first

That’s because the more comfortable the mother, the greater her uterine function, and the more space there is for healthy development of the child. In this sense, we have to redefine our parameters of comfort and change the troped conversation that has prospective mothers worrying about the back pain, headaches and nausea that are deemed an integral part of pregnancy. Chiropractic is helping to flip the script when it comes to pregnancy by prioritizing the comfort and wellbeing of mother and child. Numerous studies have pointed to the following benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy:

  • Maintains spinal alignment and balances an unstable pelvis
  • Mitigates nerve interference and allows for optimal uterine function
  • Controls symptoms of nausea
  • Relieves joint pain throughout the body, especially in the lower back where tenderness tends to accumulate
  • Allows for sufficient space for the baby to develop

The end result is a pregnancy that accounts for the mother’s changing body, helping her to feel less discomfort and allowing for healthy in-utero development of the baby. 

 Turn up the comfort of your pregnancy with chiropractic 

At Bay Area Spine Care Office, we are specialists in pregnancy chiropractic, which incorporates a number of modalities to maintain a high level of well-being for mother and child from the moment you find out you are pregnant to delivery and postpartum care. We focus on maintaining pelvic balance, which is essential for mitigating back pain and intrauterine restrain. Mothers who receive chiropractic during their pregnancy experience:

  • Shorter labor and delivery times
  • An easier labor and delivery with fewer complications 
  • Less likelihood for surgical intervention
  • Faster postpartum recovery
  • Restoration of proper biomechanics during the postpartum period

Chiropractic can be an integral part of your pregnancy

It could be said that the most comfortable pregnancies are those that incorporate regular chiropractic treatment. Let our skilled hands ease the pains and mitigate the discomfort inherent in pregnancy. The end result is a more comfortable and successful pregnancy that will allows you to focus on what really matters: bringing a new life into your world. If you are interested in using our services during your pregnancy, give our office in Alameda a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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