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Using Yoga for Spinal Decompression

No matter who you are…

…your spine undergoes a whole lot of compression on a daily basis. Whether you stand or sit for a living, whether you consider your posture excellent or poor; all of this is immaterial because gravity never stops pushing down upon us! Therefore the onus is upon us to do everything we can to mitigate the constant compression by lengthening our spines. This process, known as spinal elongation, is essential for providing embattled spinal discs, vertebrae and facet joints with the relief they need to heal. Read on to find out how yoga supports decompression. 


The many benefits of yoga for your spine

  • Improves posture: one of the ways that we pile pressure on our vertebral column is through constantly adopting poor posture. Sitting and standing already cause a certain level of pressure to the spine, but this level of pressure is increased exponentially with poor posture. Yoga is predicated upon good posture. 
  • Restores range of motion and improves flexibility: range of motion in the spinal joints is essential for a high quality of life. The less range of motion you have, the less able you are to perform daily tasks without injuring yourself. Yoga focuses on maximizing range of motion in joints throughout the body. 
  • Rehydrates intervertebral discs: many poses elongate the spine, reversing intradiscal pressure and allowing for rehydration of the discs. Along with improving range of motion, yoga focuses on boosting circulation, which brings oxygen and healing nutrients to embattled regions in your spine. 
  • Stretches and strengthens core muscles: this is the only support network your spine has. These muscles must be moved daily if they are going to retain the strength they need to support your spine. 

If you are starting a new fitness plan to account for your spine, be sure to consult with a health professional. At Bay Area Spine Care Office, we are standing by to help you develop a plan that incorporates daily yoga to help decompress your spine, allowing you to live your best possible life. 

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