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Why Do I Want An Aligned Spine?

Spinal alignment is important for physical and mental wellness 

Good spinal alignment is more than just a buzz-worthy topic: 21st century lifestyles are putting spines under more pressure than ever before. With cell phones, forward head posture, sedentary jobs and recreation, it’s no wonder that we are seeing more people than ever (and younger than ever) coming into the chiropractor with back pain. A key to preventing this pain is spinal alignment! 

Let’s focus on the only definition of spinal alignment that matters: the position that puts the least pressure on your spine. The aligning points, or nodes, include: the head, shoulders, spine, hips, knees and ankles. Spinal alignment is critical for the following things:

  • Better body mechanics and fewer injuries
  • An optimized nervous system
  • Better functioning of all major bodily systems.
  • Less back pain

With good alignment, your body will move more efficiently.

Movement is the key to vitality and keeping pain at bay. But maintaining spinal alignment is a constant struggle. Here are some things you can do to maintain healthy spinal alignment throughout your whole life.

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Learn the ins and outs of good posture, at all times of the day.
  • Focus on the core stabilizing muscles

And don’t forget to check in at the chiropractor to maintain spinal alignment!

At Basco Chiropractic, we can help you do all of the above, and more! An examination of your spine can show us where and why your spine is misaligned, so that we can use chiropractic adjustment to restore balance and alignment. So, what does alignment mean to you? If you are interested in finding out more about how spinal alignment can help you lead a life of less pain, both now and in the future, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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