Testimonial of M.J. Fennick


I was diagnosed with herniated,bulging, and degenerated disks. I walked bent over on a cane for two years. My husband saw an advertisement in the paper about Dr. Basco and his DRX9000 procedure. I went in the next week for my first appointment. after my second appointment I could feel the difference. By the second week, I was standing straighter. By the third week I threw my cane down.

I went to see my medical doctor. The nurse said you’re walking straighter without the cane. My doctor was amazed and wanted Dr. Basco’s card and a brochure of this treatment. My doctor knew that I was in need of surgery or walk on a cane and take pills the rest of my life. He just kept saying it’s a miracle it’s a miracle.

Now when people see me they are amazed in the difference. Thanks to Dr. Basco and the DRX9000 my life is getting back to normal. I was able to take a trip to Hawaii without any pains.

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